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Our Services

Here at K&S Management, we provide many different services to a wide scope of buildings, including office buildings, schools, and churches. 


Part of our daily scope of work is to vacuum and mop all floors. This is done to maintain a very professional and clean working environment. Carpets will be spot cleaned as requested.


Especially in this post pandemic era, we understand how important it is to disinfect and keep buildings clean. All high traffic areas and surfaces are disinfected to keep them germ-free.

Strip & Wax

We pride ourselves in being environmentally responsible and being CIMS certified. The stripper that we use are all green certified. 

Restroom Cleaning

Our restroom floors are swept with a treated mop and washed with a germicidal detergent. All urinals, toilets, and basins will be washed and disinfected. 

Trash Removal

All wastebaskets and trash receptacles are emptied daily, while recycling bins will be cleared as needed. Plastic liners for trash will also be supplied.

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